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Joining forces to build the future, the future of remote work, education and networking, the future of innovative startups who work from anywhere.

The event was held. Let's see how it was.

June 11-18, 2021
About Hackathon
is a community

After Imaguru office in Minsk was shut down, we got a lot of messages of support. We are committed to continue supporting our community of founders and entrepreneurs.

Imaguru is starting a new journey.

A global journey of remote community development that helps outstanding innovative startups who work from anywhere. In order to be as useful as possible for you, for our community, we are building an online platform that will potentially bring together thousands of startup founders, developers and investors.

Join with your ideas and solutions, let's build a safe and productive online community together.
The development of speed reading skills, logic, through the game to keep children motivated and daily consolidate the acquired skills, strengthen them, and parents and teachers to see progress.
Service for automating online events
Advanced-search networking marketplace for cultural/creative professionals in different sectors of creative industry, helping them
- to find offers in creative projects within their sectors;
- to connect with potential donors and partners (professional institutions, networks, other creative teams, etc.);
- to acquire all resources needed for production and postproduction of creative projects
within their own professional community across the boards in no time.

Друзья, Имагуру начинает новый этап своей жизни.

Этап развития сообщества, которое работает и развивает выдающиеся инновационные бизнесы в любой точке мира.

Чтобы быть максимально полезными для вас, для сообщества, мы строим онлайн платформу, которая потенциально объединит тысячи стартап фаундеров, разработчиков и инвесторов.

Чтобы вернуться к обновленной жизни, стать лучшей версией себя, просим вашей помощи и поддержки, просим самого активного участия нашего сообщества в развитии Имагуру и всего белорусского стартап сообщества. Белорусское комьюнити построит мостики солидарности, поддержки взаимопомощи и совместной работы, образования и инвестирования и задаст тон другим экосистемам.

Давайте встретимся ОНЛАЙН на хакатоне Imaguru #work from anywhere hackathon. Помогите Имагуру решить главный челенж переходного периода и мы инвестируем в лучшее решение.
#helpimaguru #imaguruwfa
#helpimaguru #imaguruwfa
Let's meet ONLINE at the Imaguru #work from anywhere hackathon.
Please help Imaguru solve the challenge we face and we will invest in the best solution

#helpimaguru #imaguruwfa
Imaguru will also provide you with an additional challenge designed specially by our team. We will reveal it at the Hackathon Opening.

To be ready for the digital future, to become a better version of ourselves, we call on Imaguru's friends to help and support.

The event was held. Let's see how it was.
Managing online-communities
Education with online platform
Productive work for remote teams
Facilitating online-networking
Team Building
Friday, June 11
7:00PM - Registration Deadline
Saturday, June 12
Ideas Verification
10AM - Communication with Moderators
4PM - Deadline for Ideas Verification
Sunday, June 13
Team creation
10AM - Communication with Moderators
4PM - Teams are formed
Monday, June 14
Hackathon Opening
10AM - Communication with Moderators
4PM - Work on the pitches
7PM - Hackathon Opening Ceremony
Tue - Thur, June 15-17
10AM - Communication with Moderators
1PM - Check-point
3PM - Mentoring Sessions
Friday, June 18
Final of the hackathon
10AM - Communication with moderators
1PM - Check-point
4PM - Deadline for submission of final works
7PM - Hackathon Final Online
  • Tania Marinich
    Founder and CEO at Imaguru
  • Nastia Khamiankova
    Cofounder at Imaguru
  • Tania Marinich
    Founder and CEO at Imaguru
  • Nastia Khamiankova
    Cofounder at Imaguru
  • Alex Mauzon
    PomoDone App CEO & Co-founder
  • Dima Dudin
    Cofounder at GanttPro
  • Sandra Golbreich
    CEO, co-founder Baltic Sandbox
  • Ihar Mahaniok
    VP Engineering & Investor
  • Kirill Voloshin
    Business Angel, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur
  • Pavel Veinik
    Education Center Hard&Soft Skills
  • Alexander Kazakov
    Glownet, Booking.com
  • Ruta Naujokaite
    Lithuanian Dream podcast
  • Edmundas Balčikonis
    Cofounder and CEO at Eddy Travels
  • Michael Larchenko
    Cofounder at 80days.me
  • Irina Hliabovich
    Legal Tech
  • Pavel Gabriel
  • Antonina Binetskaya
    IT Entrepreneur, Business Angel
  • Yan Tsishko
    Chief Software Engineer, Oxagile
How it works?
Please register below
The event was held. Let's see how it was.

Learn the rules and get started on the online hackathon platform
After confirming the registration, you can learn the rules, start working on the online hackathon platform, attract people to the team, validate the idea, as well as surf among the teams, ask questions and choose the most interesting for yourself.
Follow the schedule and rules of the hackathon, complete tasks on time - these are everything to be a winner
Every day will bring you closer to the final - you will finalize the prototype with mentors, think over the unit economics, add your code to gitlab and passionately desire victory. And this path is the most effective path to success, to creating an excellent prototype and a new product for the market.
Submit your prototype and pitch at the final stage of the hackathon
The final of the hackathon will take place on Friday, June 18th at 19-00, when each team will present their pitch and prototype, and the jury will choose the winner. And you will need to send prototypes to the jury even earlier - at 16-00. Imaguru and partners will select the best projects for financing and implementation.
Что Имагуру может предложить после хакатона?
Стартап-хаб Имагуру инвестирует в лучшее решение/я и окажет менторскую, экспертную поддержку для развития команд и проектов, созданных на #wfanywhere hackathon. Ваше решение будет реализовано в будущем Имагуру онлайн сообществе.
Если ваше решение по какой-то причине, не будет реализовано нами, Имагуру готов помочь с привлечением финансирования и выходом на нужные рынки и экосистемы.

В знаете, что решения для онлайн работы, обучения и нетворкинга, сегодня находятся в топе у инвесторов всего мира. Только в 2020 году в такие решения было проинвестировано около $ 2 млрд. венчурными инвесторами.

Мы уверены, что и ваше решение найдет своего инвестора.

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