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Develop Innovation
with Imaguru
We do not just develop innovative strategies, we offer specific steps and solutions for you.
Open Innovation
Based on years of experience working with startups, we propose to combine the best ideas of technology companies and the innovation drive of large corporations from the IT and traditional industries to accelerate the process of innovation within your company.

We offer you a 5-month program for the innovation development in corporations "Open Innovation"!
Education for Investors
Do you want to develop your investment expertise and invest together with a pool of the best business angels in Belarus and experienced foreign investors? Join the Imaguru VC and Business Angels Academy. We study and invest together!
Innovation for Corporation
State-of-the-art technology verticals
  • Market Places
  • Internet of things
  • Fintech and Information Security
  • Brand and retail
  • Insurance
  • Health
  • Travel and hospitality
We work with companies from a wide variety of technology verticals. We were the first in Belarus to develop fintech.

Today we are going one step ahead and developing new industries related to the cryptocurrency market. Our clients include companies from the telecommunications sector, banks, industrial and logistics companies, healthcare and trade companies.
Study Tours
We organize customized tours to the world's best ecosystems for the development of innovation, including Silicon Valley, European countries and the Baltic and Scandinavian regions. We organize meetings at the offices of global technology brands and training seminars. You will immerse in the atmosphere of development of innovations and get acquainted with the world's best practices in this area.
How Imaguru Helps
We organize hackathons where we attract the best developers to solve the challenges of your company. Teams work with real anonymized data of your business using BigData, AI, ML, blockchain and other technologies depending on each specific task.
Innovation Lab
Innovation Lab is created by Imaguru Startup Hub with the participation of leaders that are currently working on top global firms. Each week participants unlock video lectures, cases and complete useful tasks. Each task moves participants to finalising the Innovation Master-Plan which will enable them to successfully implement innovations at the corporations right the next days after completing the programme and receiving the certificate
Design Thinking
Design Thinking is an approach that can be applied by anyone who is interested in improving or inventing a given product, service, process, experience, or strategy. We believe that innovation and problem solving is a skill that can be learned and that is of importance in all aspects of business and can be plugged into the careers.
Hackathons help companies to find out new ideas and create new teams.

Hackathons help startups to accelerate growth and attract the best people to their teams.
We develop startup companies from the banking sector, retail, legal, travel, delivery and many others.
Our Cases
Why Imaguru?
8+ Year Experience of Startup and Entrepreneurs Support
Using the best practices from our experience with corporations around the world
We have our own development team and large IT background
We are professionals and best of the best
Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is a global initiative uniting 170+ countries around the globe.
Find Startups at Our Events
Venture Day Minsk
Venture Day Minsk is an international startup event organized annually by Belbiz to connect local startup talent to the international venture community.

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